annual general meeting 2022



Following the AGM in May 2022 a communications document for AIANZ members from the Board has been prepared. This can be viewed .


The Annual General Meeting was held online on the 17th May.


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The following has been submitted for consideration:

Youth Board Member motion

11.19 If no Board Member at the time of the Annual General Meeting is 25 years of age or younger and could therefore fulfil the role of the Youth Board Member, the Board shall have the power to co-opt a Youth Board Member (in addition to the co-opted member(s) set out in clause 11.16). The co-opted Youth Board Member will have no voting rights in the Board unless they were voted in through and hold such position for two years and is eligible to be appointed up to two further times as long as they remain under the age of 26 years.

Proposer: Alva Feldmeier (current Youth Board Member)

Background: Since 2013, the Board of Governance has co-opted a young person (below the age of 25) to ensure greater youth representation at the Board level and train young AIANZ members to step into governance roles.

Rationale: This motion does not propose a new model, but rather update our statute to reflect an existing practice that has allowed young people to learn governance skills on the job while being invaluable members of the AIANZ Board representing the voices of more than 6000 youths in our organisation. With this motion there are also clearer parameters set around the duration and number of terms one member can serve which had previously not been established. The Board is commited to go further with their work to increasing youth engagement at Governance level (as was shared during the workshop at the 2021 AGM). In the light of the recent changes to the Incorporated Societies Act and the increased financial and legal liability for Directors, the Board decided that by only co-opting Youth Board member (thereby not allowing them a voting right), young members would be protected from the law while finding their foot on the Board and before deciding to stand for election as a full Board member.


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