Send an email to your local MP and the Prime Minister to call for a sustained ceasefire

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Use our tool to send an email to your local MP and the Prime Minister asking them to join the international call for a sustained ceasefire.

The unparalleled escalation of the conflict between Israel and Hamas and other armed groups has taken a devastating toll on civilians in Gaza. The level of casualties is unprecedented. Countless lives have been shattered, ripped apart, and upended.

Update: The announcement of an initial four-day long humanitarian pause is a positive step. But far more action is needed to address ongoing suffering and injustice in Gaza. The international community including Aotearoa New Zealand must urgently advocate for this truce to evolve into a sustained ceasefire. After four days, we can’t allow bombs to once again be dropped on the people of Gaza; for death and destruction to continue!

Please join us in calling for an immediate and sustained ceasefire by all parties to end civilian bloodshed and ensure humanitarian aid access to Gaza.

A Humanitarian pause may bring a brief respite, but halting the fighting for a matter of days is nowhere near enough to address the catastrophic suffering or relieve the horrifying harm to civilians. There must be a sustained ceasefire.

To stop the atrocities we need an immediate ceasefire, and to get this we need leaders across the world, including here in Aotearoa, to be pushing for one.

As a country we have led the way on many social issues - and when we have big things have happened. We need to do it again.

We need our Government to call for a sustained ceasefire to prevent further loss of civilian lives, and to ensure access to life-saving aid for people in Gaza amidst an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe.

Send your email to your local MP and the Prime Minister and demand they call for a sustained ceasefire!

Our researchers, are working around the clock to shed light on and stop devastating human rights violations in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Your can enable us to continue our vital work on the ground, documenting human rights violations, exposing war crimes, and advocating for accountability and justice.