URGENT: Stop the moving of people in Arohata prison away from their whānau


We're currently trying to find out more information on whether the transfers are taking place as planned. We'll keep you updated as we learn more, but in the meantime please help us keep the pressure on by signing and promoting the petition.

We are concerned that women at Arohata prison in Wellington will soon be moved 100s of kilometres away to Auckland or Christchurch, moving them far from their whānau, children and loved ones, making visiting incredibly difficult if not impossible.

This would be devastating. Please sign the petition asking The Minister of Corrections Kelvin Davis to immediately intervene and stop these plans before they start.

Contact with loved ones in prison is a human right.

There are reports that transfers will start on Tuesday 20th September, we don’t have much time – please take action now.

We’re concerned that if this goes ahead it will be devastating for many, including those with children. Being able to see your child, and for a child to spend time with their parent, is essential for connecting and maintaining relationships.

People, no matter where they are in society, for whatever reason, deserve dignity, respect and equal opportunity to improve their lives. These plans to move people away from their whānau lacks human compassion and risks causing more harm to individuals and society.

Government strategy in this area, HōkaiRangi and Wāhine: E Rere Ana Ki tePaeHou Women's Strategy, is meant to prioritise wellbeing. Contact with loved ones in prison is a human right and is fundamental to the wellbeing of all involved.