Afghanistan Appeal


Practically overnight, Dr Masouda Faizi had her rights, her job, and her future taken away from her.

Before the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan in August 2021, she was working freely as an accomplished medical doctor with 20 years of experience. Throughout her career Dr Faizi defended the rights of women and girls by advocating for their safety.

Now, she can't leave home without a male family member.

Dr Faizi isn't the only woman and human rights defender who lost her freedom when the Taliban returned to power. Women and girls face abuses and gender-based violence - denied eduation, employment, medical care, and travel. Those who have defended the rights of others are now in grave danger. We urgently need your help to change the lives of vulnerable women and girls in Afghanistan.

Amnesty International has been campaigning hard to put pressure on Governments around the world, including ours, to do all they can to help and support those trying to flee the Taliban.

Now as a result, we have a unique and urgent opportunity to directly help women human rights defenders just like Dr Faizi. We're supportng a group of human rights defenders and their families to flee Afghanistan and find safe passage to New Zealand.

I hope you can help with the urgent funds needed to bring them to safety and continue our advocacy for vulnerable people in Afghanistan.

Your gift will go even further as it will be DOUBLED by an inspiring group of supporters who have come together to match gifts for the Afghanistan Appeal.