Butoyi Dieudonne is seeking the role of Board Member for Amnesty International Aotearoa New Zealand.


I am Butoyi Dieudonne. I believed that I have what it takes to contribute to Amnesty International Aotearoa New Zealand as a board member. My heart is with the work of Amnesty International New Zealand as I volunteered 2 years in Auckland office.

Below are values, foundational attributes, knowledge and competencies that made me to be the high calibre candidate:

I fled from Burundi while I was a student; the way I achieved a Master in Laws from Auckland University of Technology shows my determination and my resiliency. Once I arrived at Kakuma Refugee Camp which is in Kenya. I started learning English as French was a medium of education in Burundi. I secured a scholarship from Jesuit Refugee Services and got graduated with Bachelor Degree in Art. After this qualification in Criminology and Anthropology, I registered in Post Graduate Diploma in Human Services at Auckland University of Technology. It was this background I got admitted for a Master of Laws which I completed in December 2021 with a Master in Laws in Human Rights through Dissertation.

I used knowledge and skills gained through education in supporting individuals or communities. Currently, I work for the Ministry of Social Development in New Zealand as a Debt Management Officer a role which supports New Zealanders to manage debts own to the Government. The corner stone of my success in this role is to understand the client’s circumstances to support them to prepare better future.

My knowledge was strengthened through joining local organisations which endeavour to promote human rights, for instance, for the last 6 years I joined Refugee Council of New Zealand. I am a treasurer and I changed accounting system to electrical and audit is done every year with success. I am also the chairperson of Burundian Association in New Zealand Inc. A role which strengthened project management. I oversee any project from the beginning to the end. The result is that a number off projects submitted were approved.

In order to strengthen my analysis, I undertook a Master of Laws through dissertation. I compared New Zealand Domestic Law and International Law. I evaluated asylum seekers rights. I completed my Master of Laws with 2nd honours.