Fundraise for amnesty

Fundraising for Amnesty International is an exciting (and fun!) way to stand with humanity and help build a world based on kindness, justice and aroha. The money you raise will help power human rights research, advocacy and campaigning here in New Zealand and all over the world. As Amnesty International takes no government funding we rely on the generosity of our supporters.

The fundraising opportunities in your community are limitless. You could join an event or create your own and asks friends and family to support you. Or get brainstorming for your own auction, sale, collection or any activity you can dream up!

Whatever you do you'll be making a difference for human rights.


The best fundraising ideas are SIMPLE and FUN. Keeping it simple will make it easy to plan and making it something you enjoy will keep you smiling throughout it. Some ideas could be collecting donations at your next celebration, a birthday, wedding, or anniversary (of anything!) maybe. Stalls like bake sales or BBQs are always a hit at your school or workplace. Or how about hosting a movie night for friends in your living room?

Over summer the Amnesty International Auckland office held a fundraiser in our staff room, selling ice-creams to our staff and to other people in the organisations who work around us. Everyone bought some cash and in return they got a cone of their favourite ice-cream flavour with extra chocolate sauce and sprinkles. Ice-cream for human rights? Yes please!

If you're up for a challenge perhaps you would rather set yourself something big to undertake. The challenge will be personal to you something you've always wanted to do or could never imagine doing. Either way it will be something friends and family will be willing to sponsor you to do. You could face your fears with a bungee jump or skydive or low-key is more your thing you could challenge yourself to bike everywhere instead of driving for a month.

You could also draw on the talents and skills you already have. One Kiwi artist painted some beautiful pieces of art, sold them on Trade Me and donated the proceeds. One of our local groups even sold hand-made birdhouses at a local market. The sky is the limit!

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