What we can and can't help with

Amnesty can help with

  • Connecting you to a global movement that is standing with humanity
  • Identifying systemic human rights issues
  • Advocating to change the laws and practices that marginalise groups of people

Amnesty can’t help with

  • Legal advice
  • Support for individuals who need assistance with complaints or claims
  • Information about agencies or laws in countries besides Aotearoa New Zealand

Kia ora, hello.

If you've landed on this page and you're in distress, or trying to find support for an individual human rights complaint, there are several links and phone numbers below that may be helpful for you or someone you know.

Amnesty International Aotearoa New Zealand campaigns and advocates on both international and local issues.

However, if you contact us regarding a specific case, we may not be the right organisation to talk to, so you would be referred to other agencies or groups that are better placed to assist.

We cannot provide legal advice or investigate individual cases.

We don't directly support people at risk or in need. Amnesty International advocates to change the higher level systemic human rights issues, not specific claims.

Amnesty International does have extensive research and information about human rights issues, both in Aotearoa and around the world. When relevant, we are happy to provide this information.

If you would like to know about Amnesty International's work in other countries and the type of assistance they may offer, please contact the office directly in that country.

Click here for the Amnesty International global website. If there is an office in country, it will be listed there. If there are no contact details for a specific country, please email

If you still want to share your concerns with Amnesty International Aotearoa New Zealand, please email Due to the high number of emails received, we cannot assure you will get a response from us immediately. We don't have offices open to the public and we don't take appointments for face-to-face meetings.

Get support

Emergency services and helplines


Whānau support organisations


Legal support