Humanity Appeal

Please join us today. Humanity and Amnesty International need you like never before.



In the world today change is needed. Change in the way our justice system works in Aotearoa New Zealand so it upholds the human rights and dignity of all, especially for people who face structural marginalisation. Change for people caught in crisis zones like Ukraine or Afghanistan. Change for the courageous people whose lives are at risk from defending human rights. Change for people around the world to control what happens to their bodies.

Amnesty International advocates for people at risk as well as influencing governments, organisations and decision makers to uphold everyone's rights. Backed by research and analysis, we can keep building a world based on justice and compassion.

This is the change we want to see.

Can you help us to continue our work and remain independent with a monthly gift?

By giving regularly each month you will help ensure our freedom and independence. This allows us to to plan in the long-term and act strategically, so we can fight for human rights change for however long people need us to.

To plan and carry out strategic, long-term campaigns, we need consistent and steady funding. Imagine trying to tackle some of the biggest and most fundamental problems of our time without knowing month to month that you have the sources to carry out your plans. That's why your regular donation is so powerful.

I stand with humanity because... every person should have their basic human rights upheld. War, discrimination, and fear should not get in the way of that. Survival shouldn't be the goal. Every person deserves to pursue their dreams and live the life they want. I support Amnesty because Amnesty supports people.
Emma Sidnam, Monthly Amnesty Donor

And if you're thinking, does my monthly donation really make a difference? Yes it absolutely does - the human rights changes we have achieved are a testament to the power of ongoing donations from generous people like you.

You may have already seen the news that the New Zealand Government has announced they will stop imprisoning people seeking asylum in Aotearoa New Zealand. This decision was made following Amnesty International's research, into the detention of people seeking asylum in criminal justice facilities. The research documented stories of courageous people speaking out about their imprisonment and the deep harm being caused. Our report and campaign launched in May 2021 urging the Government to stop the practice.

This change is big. It builds on decades of work calling for an end to the use of prisons for people seeking asylum. This really shows how valuable it is for Amnesty International to be doing human rights research here in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We are thrilled with this result. But there is so much more to do to protect people and communities.