Humanity Appeal

Please join us today. Humanity and Amnesty International need you like never before.



In the world today change is needed. Change in the way our justice system works in Aotearoa New Zealand so it upholds the human rights and dignity of all, especially for people who face structural marginalisation. Change for people caught in crisis zones like Ukraine or Afghanistan. Change for the courageous people whose lives are at risk from defending human rights. Change for people around the world to control what happens to their bodies.

This is the change we want to see.

Can you help us to continue our work and remain independent with an extra generous gift?

Your gift will help advocate for people at risk and influence governments, organisations and decision makers to honour everyone's rights. Backed by research and analysis, we can keep creating positive change.

  • You can help protect and uphold the rights of people in Aotearoa like our upcoming campaigning to raise the age of criminal responsibility from 10 to at least 14 and Aotearoa Justice Watch
  • You can help human rights defenders in Afghanistan and their families get to safety and ensure the voices of those who remain silenced and living in terror in Afghanistan are heard.
  • You can help the people of Ukraine as Amnesty gathers and verifies evidence to document human rights violations and war crimes. The Amnesty Crisis Evidence Lab are experts at this and have already verified attacks on a hospital and civilian areas.
  • Stand up for the right of people to control their own body. Amnesty is demanding that governors around the USA stop the abortion bans and protect the right to abortion care. AI USA has created an activist toolkit to assist activists to fight for abortion rights.

Please donate today. Humanity and Amnesty International need you like never before.

You may have already seen the news that the New Zealand Government has announced they will stop imprisoning people seeking asylum in Aotearoa New Zealand. This decision was made following Amnesty International's research, into the detention of people seeking asylum in criminal justice facilities. The research documented stories of courageous people speaking out about their imprisonment and the deep harm being caused. Our report and campaign launched in May 2021 urging the Government to stop the practice.

This change is big. It builds on decades of work calling for an end to the use of prisons for people seeking asylum. This really shows how valuable it is for Amnesty International to be doing human rights research here in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We are thrilled with this result. But there is so much more to do to protect people and communities.