Hunted for their body parts

There is a wave of sickening killings sweeping Malawi.

People with albinism are being hunted, attacked and often killed – just for looking different.

Poverty and desperation has bred a dangerous belief in Malawi and those born with albinism have become the target of serious violence by criminal gangs. Many believe that the body parts of people with albinism have magical powers. Some believe their limbs and organs bring about riches and success.

I know this is shocking and hard to imagine, when you and I celebrate diversity so often.

Innocent people have been taken by gangs and mutilated, or even worse, murdered in the middle of the night, just for having albinism.

This needs to stop.

Your support means we can protect people with albinism.

With your help we can:

  • Work with the Malawi Government to change laws to ensure criminal gangs responsible for these attacks are brought to justice
  • Work with local organisations and communities to spread the truth about albinism and challenge the myths
  • Help provide protection and build hope for those with albinism in Malawi

We’ve started this vital work, but we can only continue it with the support of people like you.

Please, we must act now.

Use your voice to tell the Malawi Goverment to protect people with albinism.