This page has all the resources you’ll need to make your participation in Write for Rights powerful and creative!

You’re here because you want to make a difference for people worldwide who are under threat for championing what’s right.

Whether you do this with a group of friends, classmates, your family or by yourself, the words you write will change lives.

Take action by signing petitions, writing letters to authorities, sending messages of support, attending a Write for Rights event or organising your own event.

Check out the resources below for everything you need to take action, along with useful tips and tricks for making the most of this year’s Write for Rights. Also keep scrolling to find events near you or how to create your own event.

After you've taken action, make sure you tell us how it went!


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Priority Case Cards

Priority Letter Templates

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Risks and Sensitivities

Organise your own Write for Rights event

Increase your impact this year by organising your own Write for Rights event! From stalls to film screenings, from letter-writing marathons to webinars, Write for Rights is a great time to come together, take action and celebrate a year of human rights wins.

You can organise a general Write for Rights event, or focus on a specific case that resonates with your group. Create an action that aligns with the issue or the activities related to the case.

For example, has a clear connection with candlelight vigils, so why not organise candles and lights and host a vigil in your community! Another example is; Luis is passionate about arts and music so perhaps your event could incorporate local artists and musicians – it could even turn into an exhibition about protest.

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