Ways to Get Involved


There are truly inspiring signs of humanity all around us. At the same time, life-saving human rights work is needed now more than ever – Amnesty International’s ability to respond is stretched. There is more to be done. And we simply can’t do it without your help. Thousands of people are today at risk of torture or worse, shackled by the lack of freedoms they fight for. Others suffer under violent governments, authoritarian regimes and corrupt judicial systems. They are journalists, bloggers, activists, lawyers, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, with the courage to speak out. By joining the Amnesty movement, you will help give brave people a bigger voice and the hope of freedom. Amnesty International investigators are doing vital work in war zones where civilians are targeted and at border crossings where people seeking refuge are denied safety. They meet with survivors of persecution and torture, and they find out exactly how essential human rights are being denied. They tell the stories that would otherwise go untold. Once the facts are established (which often happens fast in crisis situations) Amnesty campaigning, advocacy and media teams swing into action. Hopefully you’ve seen some of the extensive media coverage this movement generates. Often a first crucial step is drawing attention to a situation. But what you may not have seen is the lobbying work behind the scenes – with governments, companies and other powerful groups. Standing alongside these lobbying and media teams is a global movement of 10 million supporters. Now that’s power. And when together we write letters, send emails, raise our voices, turn up to peaceful protests and collectively show our solidarity, big things happen. Amnesty International’s impact means we can shape the human rights agenda. Our movement was a significant part of major international advances in the global human rights framework, including the Convention Against Torture, the International Criminal Court and the Arms Trade Treaty. This is difficult work – sometimes it is unimaginably tough. But Amnesty’s record of achievement has lasted over 60 years. For us no government is beyond scrutiny and no situation is beyond hope. TOGETHER WE ARE POWERFUL: Through Amnesty International’s hardhitting research report and dedicated campaigning in Aotearoa New Zealand, the Government has committed to stop imprisoning people seeking asylum here.