Amnesty International conducts research and takes action to bring an end to human rights abuses around the world.

Starting in 1961, Amnesty International has grown into a global organisation with over 10 million members in more than 170 countries.

We’ve become the largest grassroots movement fighting for human rights.
Amnesty International investigates human rights abuses, brings perpetrators to justice and advocates for systemic changes to create a fairer world where human rights are enjoyed by all.
The global organisation has over 70 national offices (also called sections), including Amnesty International Aotearoa New Zealand. We’ve got a strong movement across the motu, including a Board, staff and supporters passionate to affect change in Aotearoa and abroad.
The Aotearoa section works on both global and domestic issues that relate to human rights.

We work in three key ways to fight injustice around the world.

Research + Advocacy + Mobilisation

We find out what’s going on

Our experts thoroughly investigate cases of human rights abuse and ongoing threats to the rights of individuals and communities. Amnesty International’s research is impartial, verified and forms the basis for the movement to take action.

We influence change

The research and analysis our team does is used by our advocacy specialists who lobby governments and those who hold power to stop injustices from continuing. This creates systemic change by improving or developing new laws and policies that put humanity first.

We activate the community

We mobilise the Amnesty movement around new and ongoing human rights issues to create positive change. Our power comes from Advocates who sign petitions, write letters (see Write for Rights), join protests, and donate to support this vital mahi. We don’t stop there though – we run adverts, talk to community influencers, go to schools (see Freedom Challenge) and create new ways to bring passionate people together and achieve a brighter future for everyone.


If there are human rights abuses against individuals or communities, Amnesty will be there. We work across a variety of different areas related to the protection and promotion of human rights

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As an independent organisation, our funding comes from people across the motu who believe a better world is possible.

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We are a democratic organisation, accountable to our members and stakeholders.

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Curious whether Amnesty International can help you or your community with a human rights concern?

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